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How Leaders Inspire & Motivate: 2-Minute Story of Commitment

How can leaders inspire & motivate when sharing goals? By making each goal a 3-part commitment and sharing it as a 2-minute story. It takes more than telling others what your goals are. It is about being intentional about the way you share your commitment and how you connect to others as you do so.

If you share your commitment as a story, then you are more likely to inspire and motivate others.

Shared values connect us to each other. Stories inspire. So, once you have built your 3-part commitment, construct a 2-minute narrative that tells the story of your challenge, what is important, and the desired future.

Get Attention & Connect with Others through a 2-Minute Narrative How Leaders Inspire & Motivate: 2-Minute Story of CommitmentPart 1. Challenge

The first 90 seconds of your 2-minute story should describe a challenge you overcame successfully. Starting with a story will quickly get attention. Include details about time and place and tell them the challenge, what you did, and what the result was. Start with, “I’d like to tell you a story…

Part 2. Values

The next 10 seconds of your story should describe your value and how it connects with the common purpose of your audience. Start with, “I share this because … is important to us…”

Part 3. Strategic Outcome

Describe what the future will look like when your commitment is fulfilled and ask others to take action to help you get there. Start with, “Imagine if…” and “Please join me…”

Questions to Deepen Your Thinking:

  • How is ‘sharing your vision with others’ working for you?
  • What would happen if you shared your goals as an “imagine if…” story?
  • What are the consequences of others not knowing what you are committed to?


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