Yes! If we truly want to meet your needs we need to get to know you. And since our approach is to offer you insight and show you new perspectives, a cookie cutter intake will not suffice. Vince will meet with you several times to conduct an inquiry. During those sessions you will receive coaching! After the sessions you will receive a proposal that includes your hopes and dreams, objectives, goals, and what success will look like to you.

We were intrigued by daVinci’s approach of digging deep into anatomy so he could paint exquisite human forms. How brilliantly he combined art and science! We asked ourselves, “What if we made a hypothesis using daVinci’s approach? If we dissected the behaviors of successful leaders at a deep level, would we be able to paint a picture of what success looked like? Would we see all the parts of the masterpiece?”

We liberally use the word Masterpiece. Not because we have created a masterpiece per se, but because we uncovered profiles of brilliant leadership. Considering our daVinci inspiration, it seemed fitting to refer to these leadership successes as Masterpieces.

Achievement Motivation
Developing Others
Impact & Influence
Leading Others
Organizational Awareness
Relationship Building

Executive/Senior Leader
Customer Service
Professional Sales
Executive Sales
Associate Project Manager
Senior Project Manager

Building Commitment
Ongoing Regard
The Coaching Leader
Testing Assumptions
Deconstructive Conversations
Clear Expectations

Curious Listening
Public Narrative
Supportive Network
Strategic network
Mutual Inquiry
Thinking Partners
Group Inquiry
Effective Feedback
Intentional Practices
Decisions in Times of Uncertainty
Coaching Moments
Covert Processes
Benign Neutrality

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