What this blog is about

The Masterpiece Leader Blog contains leadership insights, infographics, suggested reading, and questions to deepen your thinking. 

Our intent is to be brief and to the point so that you can read and get the message quickly. We always provide the resources that we credit so that you can read more about the topic. Our posting schedule depends on when we have something of value to share.

We include infographics as a way for you to practice mindfulness. When viewing the infographic, our hope is that you take a few extra seconds to examine the different elements in the graphic more closely, and think about the concepts in a way that you might not otherwise.

 eadership Insights with infographics, hypothesis statements, and questions to deepen thinking.

What we are

We are a leadership coaching and assessment firm. We coach individual leaders, leadership teams, and cohort leader groups.

What we do

We offer coaching for leaders who are looking to transform their leadership practices. The Masterpiece System is a set of structured programs addressing a wide range of topics that meet needs throughout the development evolution of the organization and its leadership.

Team and group coaching engagements follow a structured program (set of modules) of the clients choosing. One-to-0ne coaching is centered around the client’s real time issues and modules for all programs are introduced as needed.

How we approach this

Our approach involves theory, reflection, and on-the-job learning. We have translated our published research into leader competency models and leader best practices. We blend those with the concepts of thought leaders and use a coaching process to deliver an intentional change process.


Read more about our programs: 

Masterpieces in Leadership (Flagship Program)

Leadership Best Practices

  • Explore and test 5 leadership behaviors that inspire, motivate, and lead to innovation.
  • Establish a purpose and a plan for moving forward.

Uncovering your Masterpiece

Networking and Relationships

  • Generate a plan to select & connect with people you need in your network.
  • Discover the nuances of professional relationship building.

Building a Masterpiece Foundation 1

Comprehensive Assessment and Self-Discovery

  • Uncover your true behavioral strengths, professional aspirations, and leadership effectiveness.
  • Build a commitment using strength and values to achieve a work-related goal.

Building a Masterpiece Foundation 2

Comprehensive Assessment and Intro to Masterpiece Process

  • Uncover your true behavioral strengths, professional aspirations, and leadership effectiveness.
  • Prepare to launch and support a team/group coaching program.

Adaptive Leadership Masterpieces ***New***

Advanced Best Practices

  • For those familiar with the language and basic Masterpiece best practices.
  • Build on basic best practices to develop sustained, intentional habits.

Masterpiece Coaching Leader ***New***

Coaching Best Practices

  • Propagate employee engagement throughout your organization.
  • Motivate others to achieve meaningful outcomes.

Masterpiece Talent Assessment

Evaluate Your Workforce

  • Identify stars, low performers & non-performer’s.
  • Develop reward, performance or exit plans.

Masterpiece Succession Development

Determine Who is Promotable

  • Evaluate motivation and leadership potential.
  • Target employees for development for higher positions.

Masterpiece Coach-Mentor Program

Self-Generating Employee Development

  • Support the professional growth of high-potential employees.
  • Develop a leadership talent pipeline in targeted areas.

Masterpiece Apprenticeship

Share Masterpiece Knowledge

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the Masterpiece System.
  • Deliver a Masterpiece program in your organization.

CEO Mastermind Ba

Navigate through Executive Leadership Challenges

  • Become part of a community of supportive colleagues.
  • Explore insights learn from each other and generate new knowledge.