Transformational vs. Transactional: 2 Things a Leader Needs

Your leadership is less likely to be transformational without work-related goals and guidance from another person. If left on your own, your leadership is apt to be transactional. So said David Pease, (SPHR- Executive VP/ CRO Androscoggin Bank), in Portland Maine last week. Pease went on to say, “As an HR leader, if you are only transactional you will eventually become irrelevant.”

As a leader you need structured reflection & meaningful goals.

 1- Structured Reflection. With a coach, thinking partner, or other person:
  • reflect on and evaluate your performance
  • recognize and deconstruct patterns
  • consider new perspectives
  • design new actions
2- Meaningful Goals. Commit to an outcome that:
  • is important to you and your organization
  • drives your day-to-day actions
  • helps you stay focused
  • you can share to inspire others


Questions to Deepen Your Thinking:

  • What are your goals as a leader?
  • Have you been intentional about declaring your goals as commitments?
  • Do you create time to reflect with someone about your leadership performance?

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